international exibition


XVI Graphic
Art Biennial,
Dry Point,
Uzice 2023

At the Graphic Biennial the achievements of the graphic art, created between two exibitions shall be presented. Only the works in dry point technique with limited format to 80 x 112 cm shall be exibited.
Each artist can send a maximum of 2 (two) original prints.

If a drawing is the first,real,sincere and essential artistic expression, the first record of idea or its complex and final definition, dry point is just that and all that. It is chivarly in graphic art,exact and real, it is strict ,not allowing hesitation, it is subtle and delicate, dreamy and airy. It can be used to tell various things, a tiny twinkling and a heavy chord... It is modest but so rich!

Regarding the activities connected with the organization of the next International Graphic Bienial, Dry Point, Uzice, we present you the previous Bienials, wishing to widen the circle of articipants and help that dry point, as a widespread and outstanding graphic technique, gains the importance it deserves.

Since it is very similar to free drawing, with great expressive possibilities, direct contact with material, it earns epithet that can be achieved by this technique are still unable to be achieved by the most powerful computer. I hope it will be like that in future too. Let something stay in honour of human hand and skill.

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